The Raw Food Movement

Here is some information and a link to what looks like an interesting Raw Food radio podcast/radio episode.  Go to the link at the bottom of the post for more information.

Steve Scher

02/24/2011 at 10:00 a.m.

The raw food movement is gaining momentum among locals. Several new raw food restaurants have sprung up. Raw foodists say they have more energy, rarely get sick and live a healthier lifestyle. Is that true? What is a raw food diet? What are the health benefits of eating raw? How does raw food really taste? We dig into the raw food movement this hour on “Weekday.”


Mary Purdy is a registered dietician and runs her private practice at the Seattle Healing Arts Center and is a clinical supervisor at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health at Bastyr University.

Jeff Rogers has been 100 percent raw since 2001. He is the author of “Vice Cream” recipes for gourmet dairy free ice cream and one of the leaders of the Seattle raw foods community.

Brian Enriquez is the general manager and collaborates in creating the raw menu at Thrive Cafe in Ravenna.

via The Raw Food Movement.

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