Dena Garrison
I take 8 peeled bananas and slice them in 1′ slices and roll them in honey, dip in raw carob (non dairy)
powder, place them on a plate of shredded coconut and then roll in finely chipped raw organic nuts.
Place them on a cookie sheet and place in freezer until frozen. Then place in Natural Value bags and lay
flat in freezer until the grandchildren come for a visit. For more snacks as these don’t last long use #5 lbs
of bananas and stack the cookie sheets in the freezer w/a cookie rack in between each sheet. Natural
value storage bags do not have plastic in them. They are recycled paper. I do not let any plastic touch
my food. Then for a banana on a stick, can use the same coverings. Just cut the banana in half and put a
popsicle stick thru the banana. Freeze thoroughly. My neighborhood children like these better than
what they get from the rolling ice cream truck that comes thru the neighborhood every afternoon.

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