Raw-licious Begins

My name is Scott Jackson and in December of 2005 I was a whopping 298 pounds. At 5’6” this meant I was morbidly obese. Migraine headaches, heartburn, pain in my joints, backache, dizziness, shortness of breath, and a host of other problems plagued me daily. That was just my health. So­cially was another story all together. I felt like I was stared at constantly. I could imagine people talking about the really “fat” man.

I worked with the public and I knew that my size was hindering me in being able to perform my best. I am sure I wasn’t taken seriously due to my size. I put on a good show to hide the bad feelings I was having about myself. I would make jokes about the “fat man” and hid behind jokes about myself and my weight. All the time I did this, I was hurting in­side and didn’t feel like I was attractive or good enough. I was in a bad place in my life.

My diet was the SAD diet. (Standard Ameri­can Diet). I ate all the wrong foods. I was a fried chicken and hot wing maniac. Even when I was in my best shape before this change, I was not eating a very good diet. We are bombarded with advertising for processed foods and I fell right into this model. I loved to try the newest treat. The new pizza, chicken, candy, tv dinner… you name it. I used food for comfort. The worse I felt the more I ate. This made me feel even worse so I would eat more to make me feel better – but it didn’t. I was unhappy in my career so I ate to make me feel better. I used any excuse to eat. I watched my size grow larger and larger.

I tried the Atkins diet. I did lose some weight, but felt bad on it. I had constant I.B.S. (irritable bowel syndrome) on the diet. I tried many other diets – the flavor of the month with no real success. I would lose a little, but then I would gain back even more weight. I was not successful at these ways of eating. It was a yo-yo pattern that I was following and I knew that wasn’t healthy. I knew that I was missing something. I knew there had to be a real answer.

How many of you have been in this situation?  Struggling with your weight? Feeling bad about you but still eating to make yourself feel better. Going on diets that didn’t work and feeling even worse about yourself and turning to what you feel the most comfortable with – food. It is there for you, an old friend that is at your fingertips. Like a fa­miliar friend that is always there for you. A friend that keeps you from living life the way you want it. Keeps you from being healthy, makes you even more tired, and makes you feel bad after you eat it. You know what I mean. Being fat is not a good place to be.

In December 2005 I decided that I needed to take action. I was tired and fed up with how I looked and felt. I didn’t want to live like this any more. I came to a point in my life that I ready. I ac­cepted what I had done to myself and decided not to dwell on the past. What was done was done. I turned that frustration into energy. That was the drive I needed to make this change. I changed my total out­look on my life. I felt a switch, a change, an ah hah!

I worked with a nutritionist who helped me start on my path. She suggested that I eat whole foods. Almost immediately, I began to feel better. It was a step in the right direction. It was not until I had read a magazine called “Living Nutrition” that I found what I was looking for. This magazine intro­duced me to the idea of “Natural Hygiene”. A phi­losophy of eating raw foods – mainly fruits. This was very helpful information to me at the time I be­gan my search. I could not get enough information on the subject. My health was improving and I was dropping weight like crazy.

6 months after living raw vegan foods

After 6 months on Raw Living Foods