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Raw Juice with Watermelon – YouTube

Hi folks.  Day 10 of my juice feast!  This is a great recipe for a watermelon with a variety of fruits and berries.  It was totally delicious.  I hope you try it.

So far things have gone well and the weight is slowly coming off.  I have plenty of energy and feeling great.  Some detox from time to time but that is expected.  This cleanse will produce some detox.

I hear discussions on the web about ratios of fruits and vegetables and they are entitled to their opinions.  I feel when transitioning from a SAD to a raw diet, what ever you have to do to stay raw is what needs to be done.  If it takes a bit more fruit then that is what is needed.  You shouldn’t leave out veggies especially leafy greens and it should be in as much as you can take.  Don’t stray from the raw food start up just because you can stomach all the greens at first.  You should first get past the cooked food cravings and if it takes some nut dishes and dessert raw mock ups – that is what it takes.  You can adjust what you are eating once you have passed the plateau of cooked food cravings.  Keep yourself raw is the most important thing in the beginning.  You can advance from there.

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