Are you producing enough HCL?

The folks at the “Renegade Health Show” have another great video issue. They talk about how toxic we can be from the environment and from our own intestines. We need to patch up where toxins are coming from. These undigested foods that are left create immune responses. When you are not digesting foods properly you can develop allergies or issues with foods you eat every day. The body will fight off things that are not being digested and can create toxins the body needs to get rid of. Your HCL levels in your body could be low. Burping the food several hours later could mean that you have low stomach acid. Heartburn can also mean that you have low HCL production.

So hormones, HCL and toxification can be all type of issues that health issues in the body. These all effect the immune system. These things can cause auto immune issues if your body get what it is trying to fight off with something that is in you body. Keep your digestion in to shape. It is more important than you think.

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