Markus Rothkranz’ Wild Food Free Medicine DVD Series

I recently purchased this 5 DVD series from Markus Rothkranz and found it very inspirational and informative. Markus interviewed a number of raw foodist that are currently adding wild foods to their diets. They harvest most of them in their neighborhoods and in the surrounding woods. Some grow it free around their homes and have many different foods that are available to them. Mint, oranges, dates, dandelions, nettles, grapes, grape leaves, cactus are just a few of the wild foods covered. Markus with his keen whit talks about how he gathers his wild foods in the morning to make meals for the entire day.

Markus travels across the country with this video educational set. He covers a lot of different plants but also warns that you need to make sure that these are the plants that you are eating and not eat something that you are not sure about. Overall I would recommend this set to anyone who is looking to add wild superfoods to their diet. I am not receiving anything or getting anything from Markus to do this review. I just want to pass on educational material that others might find helpful.

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