It is a wonderful fall day and I found some great wild raw foods

What a day. Fall is in the air. The mountains had a bit of ice and frost on the trees. I went for a long fall walk and came across some wild foods and herbs. I found a wild apple tree and had a couple of apples. They were wonderful. Nice crispy and sweet. Some of the apples were out of my reach and I don’t climb trees. Not in my mindset to do so. I may come back later with an extending stick and harvest a few more! I also found a large Camomile plant. It has some moisture on it that I am sure was frost. The plant has fat fuzzy leaves and the leaves were used in past times as rouge. Women would take the leaves and the slight irritation would make their cheeks rosie and pink. What an interesting use. The flowers (it is past time to get those and this plant didn’t have them) are used as a calming agent in teas and herbal complexes. They grow from a long stalk and you would pick the yellow flowers to dry and use later. It also makes a great tincture!

I hope you are able to get out and do a nature walk and find wonderful wild foods in your area. Dandelions grow everywhere!!

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