What to eat on a raw food diet

What do you eat on a raw food diet? People ask that question when getting started. Most people are so separated from nature that they don’t even know what is good and what isn’t. Raw vegan food would consist of greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, roots, berries and other plant based foods. Try to stay away from grains. Starting with great salads with raw dressing ( no croutons or cheese please! ) adding some green juices is the best way to go on a raw food diet in the beginning. You can also just eat mono. That means, just one type of food for a meal. A meal of cucumbers is nice. You will never get fat eating to many cucumbers.

Any way you want to is ok. Variety is the best thing. Eat many different fruits and vegetables so you can to get a variety of nutrients. Don’t eat a lot of dried fruits or veggies. Eat them more in their natural state as possible. Juice them if you like. Just stay away from processed foods. Your body will thank you for it!

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