Dave The Raw Food Trucker talks about weight loss and raw food

Dave is an inspiration. He has lost over 200 pounds eating raw and living foods. He uses juices and raw foods to help with his weight loss and health issues. He talks about some of the problems that he had while being a truck driver and eating his raw food diet. He works with Liferegenerator Dan who is also a raw food inspiration.

In this video they talk about some of the cleansing that goes on in a juice feast. He has been on a juice feast for over 30 days. He also discusses some natural food supplements that he is incorporating into his raw food diet. He is using Barley max. A green food supplement. Dave also talks about going to oriental markets to find a great variety of vegetables to add to his diet. Dave is also harvesting some Dandelion and other wild greens as well.

Jim is in the video and has started eating raw from Dave’s example. Jim is using a vitamix and making smoothies and juices to improve his health and mental attitude. Jim is eating around 80% raw at this time. His family is starting to slowly change over to eating more raw.

Dan talks with them about becoming a child of light – an example.

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