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Confessions and the start of a Juice Feast!

Hi everyone.  This is Scott the owner of Raw-licious.com.  I just created a video that will be added to the post after I get it uploaded to YouTube.  I come to you with my hat in my hand and wanted to be straight forward with you folks.  For the past few years I have let this site just sit and collect dust.  I would put up other peoples information and just barely keep the site up.  I lost interest.  I went through a bunch of hard personal times and let myself play victim and fell off the raw and living food lifestyle.  I was ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated to keep the site and information flowing.  How could I in good conscious keep honesty and integrity up.  So I fell into a blue funk for a few years.  I had ups and downs, but mostly downs.  I let myself fall back into the old patterns that got me into the terrible shape I was in.  I didn’t want anyone to know so I let the site just sit and didn’t put in the energy it that  you folks deserved.

So here I am, asking for your understanding that I am human, and being so, makes it easy to make mistakes.  So if I don’t learn from this then it is my fault.  I take full responsibility for everything that I have done.  Only I have caused my weight problems and other issues.

But I have learned.  I have learned from my mistakes and now will move forward with this new knowledge.  I am BACK!  I will be here to make raw-licious one of the best raw food information sites that I can!  My promise to you is to give great content, education and to pay attention to all who visit.  I want people to have a great experience when they visit this site.

I am starting out with a Juice Feast!  It will start April 12th, 2012.  My intention is to go for at least 60 days and ultimately 90 days.  I will share videos, audios and written word articles about my journey.  My wife is going to join me in this feast as well.  I don’t expect her to go as long as I intend to.

After the Juice Feast is over I will follow the guidelines that I have in my book – “Raw-licious Healthy and Delicious Recipes”.  They are the foundation that I will use for my raw living foods lifestyle.

I hope you folks will understand that I screwed up and I am ready to take control of my life again.  I will have a series of videos that will let you know how I feel right from my mouth.  I went around today and shot video in a number of locations, enjoying the lovely spring weather.  I look at is as a rebirth like the plants coming out of the winter slumber.  I am awake and coming again with a new life.  One that is dedicated to the service of others by setting an example and inspiring change.  Even if you have failed in the past that doesn’t mean you will now or in the future.

I will not fail again.  This is my promise to myself and to you.  So Please understand that it took a lot for me to come out and admit that I have screwed up.  I wasn’t able to stick to my own plan due to my own weakness.  That is now a thing of the past.  Watch me do this!  Please come along with me as I chronicle my change.

You are what you eat and think – Think is even more important than eat – the mind will help you keep on a healthy lifestyle or ruin one.  I know this first hand.

Many Blessing to all


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