Seven Compelling Reasons Why We Were Designed To Eat Raw Food – the Video!

When you ask anybody ?what are the most healthy foods in the world?? they will answer ??fresh fruits and vegetables?. Then ask them how much do they eat and most will say not many or none.

The majority of Americans are eating the standard American diet (S.A.D.). The sad diet includes way to many processed and junk foods. Fast foods, processed foods, candies, imitation foods as well as fatty meats are the predominate table fare for most Americans.

No wonder there are so many health related issues. Even with the govt. recommending 5 ? 8 servings of fruit and vegetables daily, many people get their vegetables from the lettuce, onions and pickles on the top of a slab of meat. Not the best way to get your vegetables and certainly not enough.

So why not eat more fruits and vegetables? If you look at nature and see who are the closest to us in body type (gorillas, chimps, bondos) and study what they eat you will get a better idea of what we were intended to consume. These large animals consume a raw vegan diet. Mainly fruits, leaves, stems, shoots and other raw plant matter.

Their digestive systems are similar to ours. They have the same teeth structure. They have hands very similar to ours. Hands that are designed to pick fruit and grab other plant matter. Man and these large apes are all frugavores. Frugavors eat mainly fruit and vegetables.

So here are some reasons we were designed to eat raw vegan food:

1. No other creature on earth except man cooks its food before it is eaten.
2. Every creature in nature has a food that is designed for it and is eaten in its raw natural state.
3. Our digestive system is much longer that a carnivore?s and is designed to digest fruits and vegetables not meat.
4. We are not designed to hunt and kill prey. We do not have claws, canine teeth that can kill, eye site for seeing in the dark, superb hearing and other physical traits that carnivores have.
5. Our sense of smell is not as good as a carnivore and we can?t use it to track or hunt with.
6. When a carnivore smells prey it salivates and natural hunting instincts kick in. We are usually repulsed by the natural smell of other animals. (Ever smell a barnyard and think how delicious it smells?)
7. Think of how you react to the smell of fresh fruit. Smells goods and can make your mouth water.

These are just a few of the many reasons why we were designed to eat a raw vegan diet. Simply by adding more fruits and vegetables, like Mother Nature intended, you should see some improvement in your health.

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