The Benefits of Juice Fasting

Liquid fasting diets are a great method of losing weight while getting rid of a number of unhealthy toxins from your body. Liquid fasting diets are very beneficial if followed properly. A liquid fasting diet gives your body a thorough internal cleaning while letting your digestive system take a much needed break. Juice or detox fasting diets are different from only water fasting diets because you can consume all kinds of liquids and juices while on a juice fast. Liquid fasting is also made easy by the fact that you can regulate your nutritional intake based on the amount of calorie burning that you do.

Juice diets are basically called so because of the obvious fact that almost everything that you can consume while on this diet is in the form of some kind of juice. Investing in a juicer, if you do not already own one, is a good idea if you plan to take your juice diet seriously. Since juice diets are a kind of detox fasting, you are supposed to stay off milk and other liquid dairy products. Instead of making the juice in a blender, it is also advised that you use only a juicer. This is because a blended liquid still contains fiber which was present in the fruit or vegetable, while a juicer gives you an almost fiber free juice.

While juices with fiber are supposed to be healthy when you are on a normal diet, they are not advised when you are on a juice fast. This is because if you consume fibers or milk while on your liquid fast, your digestive system will still have to keep processing as normal. If you give your digestive system a break by taking fiber less foods, then the energy that usually goes towards digesting food can be applied towards healing the body. Apart from this, your immune system also gets a break from fighting food related bacteria and viruses and it can concentrate on other ailments attacking different parts of your body.

A juice fast thus has many benefits. It is one of the best types of detox fasting, since juices help in ridding your body of toxins. On the other hand, a steady intake of juices provides your body with a good amount of vitamins and minerals that one generally fails to consume in the required amounts when on a normal diet. Juice fasting is also a great weight loss method, since it helps in the removal of excess fatty tissues from the body. This kind of liquid fast also boosts your immune system.

On the other hand, you can continue with your normal lifestyle while on a juice fast, since you can get enough energy from drinking juices to do almost any kind of work. You can decide on the amount of juice that you want to consume based on the amount of activity that do and your appetite. How intense you want your detoxification to be is another factor that should determine your intake of juice, since the less juice you drink, the greater is the detoxification. Similarly, the benefits of weight loss and detoxification are directly proportional to your fasting period. You can fast for as less as three days and as long as 40 days. Once you are through with your liquid fast, you will feel revitalized and energized and even look and feel younger.

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