Amazing Weight loss on raw vegan foods! Over 200 Pounds!

This is a truly amazing story of Dave who is racked with many of the illnesses that you can get from the SAD diet. He give his account of how changing to the raw lifestyle has literally saved his life. He has lost over 200 pounds…amazing! Many of the conditions he was suffering from are now gone or in remission. Raw vegan foods can heal – no doubt about that. You also have to want to heal as well. If you are not ready to accept the healing properties of the raw foods – you will not get the full benefit you could have. Your body is an incredible healing machine and your mind is the computer that runs it all. There has to be a mind and body connection to achieve balance. Once you stop putting poisons in your body and give it the nutrients that it needs – and can adsorb – you will be on your way to healing.

Listen to Dave and let his change inspire you to change. You only have one body. Treat it like it matters. You are what you eat.

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