All kinds of wonderful produce! Mangoes, Melons and more Hee Hee Hah Hah!


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This is how I have set up my Raw kitchen.  Lots of great produce and tools to do prep with.  In reality I don’t need all these appliances to eat raw, but the do make it easier.  It give me flexibility to create lots of different recipes keeping things interesting.  I like getting a mix of fruit and veggies.  You can see that I have melons, mangoes, bananas, citrus fruit and some other garden delights.

This mix would be great for anyone getting started eating raw.  While I am not 100% raw, I try to eat most of my food in a raw form and that would benefit anyone.  I have been 100% raw in the past but now I do mainly raw with some cooked foods.  I feel that you can eat a very healthy diet and still have cooked foods.  I base this on cultures who live long lives and eat a good portion of their food cooked.  While getting you best nutrients is from raw foods, man has been eating cooked foods for quite some time now.  I still believe minimally processed is always the best hands down.  People have started developing many health conditions from all this over processed foods that seems to be the main stay of most people’s diets.

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I remember my grandparents eating foods that they made from scratch.  They lived on farms and the food was fresh and whole.  They would make recipes from what they mainly grew or harvested.  They bought few store bought items and those were mainly to make foods out of what they grew.  Both sets of Grandparents lived long and healthy lives.  One set even smoked (not a good thing) but lived well into their 80’s.  I attribute this to eating few processed foods without all the additives that are in them now.  They got plenty of

exercise, fresh air and sunshine!  We all need more of those things.  Working on a farm is not what everyone is cut out for or wants to do but the lifestyle of fresh whole foods, working (exercise), sunshine and getting plenty of fresh air is what we can try to model in our own lives.

So keep as many raw foods as you can in your diet.  If you have them on hand then you will be less likely to eat junk that won’t support a healthy lifestyle.

Keep it fresh and on hand!

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