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All kinds of wonderful produce! Mangoes, Melons and more Hee Hee Hah Hah!

  This is how I have set up my Raw kitchen.  Lots of great produce and tools to do prep with.  In reality I don’t need all these appliances to eat raw, but...

New Juicer

Raw Cucumber, Apple, Carrot, Celery refreshing juice! New juicer!

I just got an Omega Juicer and love it!  It really juices produce so fast an easily!  I would recommend this juicer or style of juicer for anyone wanting to eat raw...


It is a wonderful fall day and I found some great wild raw foods

What a day. Fall is in the air. The mountains had a bit of ice and frost on the trees. I went for a long fall walk and came across some wild foods and herbs. I found a...