2013 is almost here in Colorado!! Let’s make this year the best ever!!

What a ride 2012 was. I left Colorado Springs for the Thornton (Denver) area, left my pet job, now I am working for a nutraceutical company. It was a total life change but is was worth it. We are back almost in the same place that we first came to Colorado to live in. Just a block or two away. Talk about going full circle! This year has had election ad bombardment, tragedy in many places, needless loss of life, new beginnings for many people…and no Mayan Apocalypse! (Didn’t think there was going to be one anyway). So now we are on the edge of a new year and looking forward to making this one of the best yet! I am looking for great changes to take place in my life and I will share all these changes with you folks. I will be starting a podcast on Raw Food nutrition and will also talk about wild foods growing in your area! Look forward to me sharing a lot of video content as well. I will be making some great recipes and sharing some other adventures in the raw food world as well. I have been studying and learning lots of great things that I am sure can help you with any changes you want to do for 2013.

Look for another book or two from me as well. I will be publishing them for the kindle so I will have them on Amazon. I will also create some video educational programs that I will put on Amazon as well. But I will still make lots of wonderful free content that I will share on this site and Youtube as well.

I want to thank everyone for visiting my site in 2012 and promise some new and exciting content for 2013. Thank you all and many blessings!

Rev Raw Scotty

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